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Become A Member of the Northern Colorado HOT List on Twitter

Written August 7, 2015 by Scott Allen

Twitter BirdI have recently created a list of active and engaged Twitter users in the Northern Colorado area. Want to become a member? It’s really quite easy and will not cost you one thin dime. Read More…

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

Written May 27, 2015 by The Guardian

Government CorruptionBelieve me, I’m not making this up. I wish I were. US Senators were PAID to pass the fast-tracking of the Trans Pacific Partnership, giving more power to the corporations and royally screwing the American people. Unbelievable. But it’s true. Read More…

The Truth About the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Written June 21, 2015 by Scott Allen

TPPThere is a lot that we do not know about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is very secretive, very arcane. It cannot be read by any of our public citizens, nor can it be publicly disclosed who has taken the time to read it. It’s classified. But why, one might ask. What is it about this bill that is so sensitive that it cannot be openly scrutinized by the average Joe, let alone the average public servant? Read More…

Denver implements urban farming program, allowing residents to sell produce in front yard stands

Written June 19, 2015 by Julie Wilson of Natural News

Local Vegetables for SaleI just stumbled onto this article by Natural News regarding urban produce for sale in Denver, Colorado. Special thanks to Natural News for the wonderful content that they share with us. Read More…

Local SEO: How Should you Approach It?

Written May 2, 2015 by Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes LocoElegant Themes recently wrote a fantastic article on Local SEO and how it differs from conventional SEO. I loved reading it and thought it might help some of the folks who read my blog, so I’m posting it here. This is the first time I’ve posted anything not written by myself, so please let me know what you think. Special thanks to Elegant Themes for the wonderful content that they share with us. Read More…

Golden Poppy on Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

Written April 21, 2015 by Scott Allen

Marijuana FistGolden Poppy Herbal Apothecary is a small business located at 212 S. Mason Street in Fort Collins, just south of Oak Street and around the corner from the Crooked Cup coffee shop. Golden Poppy is an herbal shop owned by Sarah Josey. Sarah graduated from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, located in Boulder, Colorado. Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary has been open since February of 2013. It started in Old Town Yoga Studio and then migrated to its current location on Mason St. Read More…

New Local Business: World Cup Coffee Exchange

Written April 18, 2015 by Scott Allen

World Cup Coffee ExchangeFormerly CJ’s Coffee, the new management decided to go in a different direction with more people managing the shop and more diversity in management. The prevailing mentality behind World Cup Coffee is one of synergy: by having each team player focus on what he or she is they are good at, World Cup Coffee believes the end product is exponentially improved. “Most people don’t understand all that is involved in running a coffee shop. In order for World Cup Coffee to thrive to its full potential, we believe we will need multiple revenue streams.” Read More…

Senator John Kefalas: Fort Collins Community Conversation

Written April 18, 2015 by Scott Allen

Senator John Kefalas at a Community Meeting in Fort CollinsSenator John Kefalas led a community discussion in Fort Collins this morning at Dazbog Coffee at 2733 Council Tree Ave. Most of today’s discussion revolved around the issue of Colorado State University’s new stadium which is scheduled to break ground in mid-May. Emotions ran high at times when people voiced their opinions regarding this contentious issue. Most if not all of the attendees were opposed to the stadium being built for a wide variety of reasons. Read More…

New Business: Bunz Burger Company

Written April 17, 2015 by Scott Allen

Bunz Burger Company, Cowboy BurgerLocated on the southwest corner of Troutman and College Ave, Bunz Burger Company is a new American restaurant on the southwest corner of Troutman and College Ave. Prior to Bunz’ opening in early March of 2015, the restaurant called Akropolis took that spot. As the name would suggest, Bunz specializes in burgers. Read More…

Introducing Toni’s Barber Shop

Written April 10, 2015 by Scott Allen

Toni and NicoleToni’s Barber Shop is a mother and daughter business. Toni LaBadie moved to Fort Collins in 1972 and then to Loveland in 1988, where she and her daughter Nicole reside now. Toni came to Fort Collins from Kansas in 1972. She started her career in hair styling working at Headquarters Hair Styling in 1982 after graduating from cosmetology school. Headquarters Hair started out at 633 S. College Ave and was later re-located to the tavern section of what is now the Pickel Barrel at 122 W. Laurel St. Read More…

Writing a Mission Statement

Written December 29, 2014 by Scott Allen

Writing a Mission StatementI finally sat down and did it this weekend. I wrote a mission statement. And let me tell you, it felt really good. I did a lot of thinking and searching along the way regarding the ethos, pathos, and logos of We Shop Local and the services we offer. Most of the mission statement appealed to the first two – ethos and pathos – probably because those are what drove me to start this business in the first place. Read More…

Every Day is Small Business Saturday

Written November 24, 2014 by Scott Allen

Everyday is Small Business SaturdayThis year Small Business Saturday falls on November 29th, which is only five days away. 2014 marks the fifth anniversary of the event, which was created by American Express and is currently a registered trademark of their corporation. Thus far SBS has always fallen on the Saturday immediately following Black Friday and two days prior to Cyber Monday. Read More…

2014 Congressional Election: Should We Elect the GOP, or the Dems? No.

Written October 23, 2014 by Scott Allen

American FlagAs an loyal American citizen with a strong love of our ancestral roots, I am asking you, my fellow Americans, to take action in the upcoming congressional election and vote for anyone without a D or an R next to his or her name. Read More…

What Is the Fourth R??

Written October 9, 2014 by Scott Allen

Woman ThinkingMost people, if asked, can reel off the three R’s of responsible consumption: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce the amount of products that you are consuming; reuse the products that you purchase as much as possible; recycle the remnants of the products that you consume after its utility has been exhausted. So what is the fourth R? Very much like naming the fourth member of the Beatles, remembering the fourth R can be quite challenging. Read More…

Shopping Locally Builds Community

Written September 24, 2014 by Scott Allen

There are a very great number of reasons to buy local products and services, no matter where you live. But one of the reasons that often gets overlooked is the sense of community that buying from small businesses creates, fosters, and breeds. It is my belief that the businesses of any particular locality generate the culture of that community, and not vice-versa. Read More…

Shop Local. Buy Antiques and Collectibles.

Written August 26, 2014 by Scott Allen

Purchasing antiques and collectibles is a great way to support your local economy. Things made in the early twentieth century were crafted with care. Back then, businesses actually thrived by producing quality products. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Read More…

Stress and Your Ability to Focus

Written August 8, 2014 by Scott Allen

Have you ever considered the effects of daily stressors on the mental mind? With all that is going on in the world today, and with the economic shifts that have happened over the past several years, more Americans are being exposed to high levels of stress in one form or another. Read More…

Four Reasons to Support Max Transfort

Written June 12, 2014 by Scott Allen

Today I rode the Max Transfort system for the second time in as many days, and as I rode I had a chance to think about the system and some of its most positive attributes. Read More…

Seven Reasons to Buy CSA Foods

Written May 27, 2014 by Scott Allen

As I begin, I must make a confession. I am late to the game when it comes to CSAs. Living in northern Colorado and working at farmers’ markets for almost 20 years now, I have heard the acronym thrown around in conversations from time to time, but never took the time to research it, until now. Read More…

Shopping Local Promotes World Peace

Written May 24, 2014 by Scott Allen

Jumping for JoyIt may sound hard to believe, but buying our goods and services from local sources can and does actually promote a more peaceful society and world, no matter where you live. Read More…

Beware Mass Coupon Distributors

Written February 7, 2014 by Scott Allen

Daily DealsIn years past, when local economies were much more flush with cash, someone came up with the idea of mass email distribution of coupons, along with a new model of how to make it profitable (for themselves, of course). Companies such as Groupon, Living Social, and Dealster sprang up left and right, with smaller fledglings trying to emulate what the big wigs were doing. Read More…

Make a Difference. Become a Locavore.

Written February 5, 2014 by Scott Allen

local farmers marketI was at Uncle’s Pizzeria the other day in Old Town when I first heard the term. I had been talking to the owner of the restaurant about my business and what I was trying to achieve. I told him that there are indeed occasions, unfortunately, when I need to purchase things from the Evil Empire of Big Business (EEoBB), simply because they do not currently exist on a local level. But I told him that food is not one of those products and I always try to consume food that is locally made. It was at that point when he informed me that I was a locavore. We laughed together. He too had just heard the term recently for the first time. Read More…

Website Tip #1: Use Responsive Design

Written January 26, 2014 by Scott Allen

responsive design desktopI’ve been doing website design professionally for over ten years now, and never before has what I’m about to tell you been so important. As I am building my own website here at We Shop Local, I am learning more about the specifics protocols of responsive design. I think there are a lot of small business owners out there that can benefit from what I am learning. Hence, this my latest blog post. I hope this helps. Read More…

Want to Make a Difference? Shop Local.

Written January 6, 2014 by Scott Allen

Shop Local Shopping BagWe’re almost one whole week in to the new year and already things are starting to get back to normal. I was at the gas station this morning when I saw a woman buying a carton of cigarettes from Big Tobacco. As she handed her hard-earned cash to the guy behind the counter, I heard her say, “I’m supposed to be quitting.” I didn’t opine as she glanced back at me with a smile, because I was in a hurry, but I would bet she made a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking. Believe me when I tell you that quitting smoking can be one of the most challenging prospects in the world for some people (myself included). The point is, if what I gathered from that rather fleeting and seemingly meaningless experience is true, the woman was trying to improve her life, but gave up. Read More…

How to Restore Power to the People

Written December 23, 2013 by Scott Allen

Power to the PeoplePlease let me start off by saying that what I am about to post here is written in complete humility. I understand that in order for us to make things better, it is going to require an attitude of cooperation. Adopting an angry disposition is not going to help us solve problems; it will only make the existing problems worse. We are here to learn. We are here to make change. We are all one. Read More

Shop Local. It Keeps Your Town Unique.

Written December 10, 2013 by Scott Allen

small town charmI was on my way to the Midwest over the Thanksgiving holiday when I drove through the town of Sterling, Colorado. It had been a couple of hours since I left Fort Collins and I was ready to get some lunch. As always, I wanted to find a nice local place to spend my time and money. As I drove into the city I was amazed at how many big name fast-food restaurants there were in Sterling. Subway, McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King were all on the main drag through town. My eyes kept searching for a small, mom-and-pop type of restaurant. I was shocked! I had almost made it all the way through town and I still hadn’t seen anything local. Read More

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